For Teachers: Legendary Mississippi Musicians Teaching Units

The following two teaching units were developed by Dr. Jim Brewer and Mrs. Gail Jabour for fourth and ninth grade students. The project was sponsored in part by a grant from the Mississippi Arts Commission in consultation with the Mississippi Department of Education.

While these lesson plans are still usable, the newest version of lesson plans for teaching Mississippi Musicians is available now - visit the Mississippi Studies Basic Kit or Mississippi Studies Advanced Kit pages for more information.

The Mississippi music and musicians unit is built around

  1. a new book entitled Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame - Legendary Musicians Whose Art Has Changed the World. In the back of the book, a listing of resources from the Mississippi Library Commission is provided.
  2. a CD by the same name which will be used to give examples of Mississippi music and musicians.
  3. a Mississippi Blues Musicians Map listing over 300 Mississippi blues musicians and their hometowns (optional).
  4. a Teacher’s Guide (free). 

These resources can be ordered from the
Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame; P.O. Box 1270; Clinton, MS 39060 or by visiting the online store.

Other resources will be suggested in the teacher’s guide (see addendum entitled Additional Resources).

Format for Teacher’s Guide
This teacher’s guide is designed in a “what to do, what to say” format. That is, suggestions are made for steps the teacher can take and what the teacher can say (script in quotations). Of course, teachers may modify, change, augment, and delete as they wish. The unit is also designed for teachers who know little about the subject. Every effort is made to guide step-by-step through the activities. What to do is in bold, and what to say is in quotations.

For more information on Mississippi musicians, visit Starkville High School's Mississippi Writers and Musicians Project web page. The students and faculty at Starkville High School have researched musicians native to Mississippi or who have spent a significant part of their lives in the state of Mississippi. Their research includes blues, country, classical, gospel, rock'n roll, rhythm and blues, jazz and popular.