Honoring Great Mississippi Musicians

Mississippi has produced hundreds of nationally and internationally known musicians. It is time we recognized and honored their achievements. The Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame has two major objectives:

  1. Showcase successful Mississippi musicians.
  2. Encourage public interest in and education about Mississippi's music heritage.

The Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame is a non-profit corporation and is calling on Mississippians to support its efforts. At present, its major activities include researching successful Mississippi musicians, distributing information over the Internet about their work, educating school children about Mississippi's musical heritage, teaching music in the school workshops, conducting talent searches, and holding music industry seminars.

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The Hall of Fame relies on donations and contributions to maintain our activities. You can help by making a donation.



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Mississippians have succeeded in classical, jazz, blues, country, gospel, contemporary and rock and roll. Mississippi is the birthplace of the blues, country music, and rock & roll. All other forms of popular music came from those roots.

Mississippi must have a mechanism to show its appreciation to the many native sons and daughters for their musical success. We should be grateful and proud for their achievements.

The Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame can accomplish this. The Hall of Fame operates the Music Heritage Museum in the restaurant at the Jackson Evers International Airport. We encourage Mississippians to visit this location, contribute information and/or financial support to this effort.

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